Behind-the-Scenes: My Second-hand Studio Desk

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I thought it might be fun to show you the space which I work from, and how I've been able to find affordable furniture to make working-from-home arrangements more manageable.

Just to clarify - we live in Drexel-furnished, Embassy housing here in Canberra. 

We didn't get the new, updated furniture found in the newer homes, and I was afraid to use the lovely hard-wood tables for my crafts and sketches. It's also personally hard for me to justify purchasing new furniture for a temporary home. Sooo I had to look elsewhere.

Imagine my joy when this second-hand IKEA desk popped up on my search on Facebook Market Place for $30 Australian dollars! I sent my hubby and son off to pick it up, and they returned home with a simple, functional desk that I sit at daily to whip up designs for various projects. 

Tiffany Tomsik middle-aged Asian woman with long black hair sitting at white desk with ipad and laptop open

Moral of the story. If you find yourself in Canberra, I highly recommend looking into places like FaceBook Market Place and Gumtree (Australia's version of Craig's list) to pick up some reasonable deals for second-hand toys, books, furniture, etc.!

There are no entry fees to participate in these online platforms, simply set up an account online or download their respective apps.

Furthermore, not only are these online platforms a great place to pick up some bargains, it's also been a great way to sell items that are no longer needed ... we've successfully offloaded our strollers and bulky toys (goodbye plastic baby slide from Korea!) through FB Marketplace. 

Good luck with making your house in Canberra feel more like home! 


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